Fourier Theory on the Complex Plane I
Conjugate Pairs of Fourier Series
and Inner Analytic Functions

Jorge L. deLyra

Department of Mathematical Physics, Physics Institute, University of São Paulo

March 2, 2015


A correspondence between arbitrary Fourier series and certain analytic functions on the unit disk of the complex plane is established. The expression of the Fourier coefficients is derived from the structure of complex analysis. The orthogonality and completeness relations of the Fourier basis are derived in the same way. It is shown that the limiting function of any Fourier series is also the limit to the unit circle of an analytic function in the open unit disk. An alternative way to recover the original real functions from the Fourier coefficients, which works even when the Fourier series are divergent, is thus presented. The convergence issues are discussed up to a certain point. Other possible uses of the correspondence established are pointed out.