Lattice Quantum Field Theory

Personal Information

This is a short (and, so far, incomplete) outline of my curriculum vitæ. My full name is Jorge Lacerda de Lyra, I was born on May 20, 1954, in São Paulo, SP, Brazil, the son of Prof. Carlos Benjamin de Lyra and Mrs. Leda Lacerda de Lyra. I sign my scientific work as Jorge L. deLyra. My father was a professor of Mathematics at the University of São Paulo.

Academic Titles:

Professional Experience:

A Few Papers Published in Traditional Media:

These are the few papers that I actually still care about. Most of the scientific work that I have done or that I am still doing is available on the web at this site.

A few work by students I have advised:

These works by my former students contain significant contributions to the research line I am interested in.


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