Lattice Quantum Field Theory

Copy and Distribution Licenses

Valid for all work by Jorge L. deLyra found in these pages

This page contains files holding copies of the licenses FDL and GPL, which are used for the release and distribution of all the work in this site. They are to be applied to all work copyrighted by Jorge L. deLyra and accessible within these pages without the need for a password.

All parts of the various pieces of work found in these pages that are referred to in their commented headers or in their bodies of text as "document" are released under the FDL, and all parts that are referred to as "program" are released under the GPL.

For example, the parts released under the FDL include all LaTeX files with names *.tex, the corresponding documents formatted as PS or PDF, as well as the EPS files included in them, and the parts released under the GPL include all Fortran and C program files with names *.f and *.c, as well as all makefiles and shell scripts.

Anyone is allowed to download, copy and distribute these works freely. The material released under the FDL includes no invariant sections, no front-cover texts and no back-cover texts.

JLdL 29Sep11